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ANGRY BIRDS brand is constantly enjoying increasing popularity and having announced in May 2012 that had over 1 billion downloads, and with its 263 million monthly active users (December 2012) it has been said as to become the most successful mobile aplication of all times... Phenomenon in mobile gaming celebrates its success across all operating systems. More info about the game:

In February 2012 CMA Group has become an official distributor and wholesaler for Slovak and Czech Republic of Angry Birds, Angry Birds Seasons and Angry Birds SPACE original licensed accesories and toys. From December 2012 also Angry Birds STAR WARS products are available. In 2016, we added plush products for the latest Angry Birds Movie series.

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CMA Group, Ltd. provides the distribution and wholesale of original Rovio licensed Angry Birds products such as plush toys, rubber and plastic collectibles, backpack clips, key chains etc.

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